Some Snippets of the Past

As challenging as it was to be a Gen-X kid, there are so many things I look back on fondly. Times were a lot simpler back in the days of 8-track disco and Journey on cassette.

I miss riding in the bed of my dad’s pickup truck and the sting of the wind whipping my hair against my cheeks.

I remember talking for hours on the family’s rotary wall phone, it’s loooong, coiled cord stretching down the hall to my room.

I miss the ’65 Mustang I bought for $2500 in 1986 (yes, that’s twenty-five hundred! If only I had known).

I remember leg warmers, Aqua-Net, too much makeup and smoking cigarettes because we thought it was cool (gag me with a spoon!).

I miss the freedom of riding bikes and climbing trees with my friends until the street lights came on.

I miss Simon and Rubik’s Cube. I miss Asteroids and Donkey Kong.

Remember typing class? a a a a

We didn’t realize it at the time, but life was so much easier for kids back then. Sometimes I wish we could turn back time.

Is there anything you miss about being a 70’s and 80’s kid?


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