A Change of Tack – Generation X in the Spotlight

For the past few months, I’ve been acutely aware of the perceived lack of Generation X influences in the world. It’s this vacuum of discussion – and my own self-perception of failure – that prompted me to start a Facebook page, which eventually inspired me to start this blog.

It was cathartic, at first, writing about the woes of being a Gen-X kid and struggling to become a successful adult in a world that seems to prefer we were not seen or heard. I found so many peers feeling the same way that I soon felt validated and less alone. However, that changed quickly and it was only a few weeks before I began to live in an echo chamber.

Constantly highlighting the downsides of being a Gen-X’er has become frighteningly depressing.

I’ve spent the last few months reliving the past. Regurgitating all that was wrong with my Gen-X childhood and focusing on current issues that hum around our heads like diseased mosquitoes. I’ve attacked the Boomers and felt threatened by the Millennials. I’ve furthered the divide between the generations, if only in my own mind.

And I’ve changed nothing.

By focusing on product rather than self-promotion, Generation X has quietly changed the landscape of the world. We built Google, Amazon, PayPal, Tesla, Twitter, Square, eBay, Uber and many more service oriented companies that make up the fabric of our interactions with the world today. So now I’d like to spotlight the people who are forging their own paths and finding ways to make this life work for them.

I’m changing my focus to Gen-X contributors in the here and now.

Going forward, I’ll seek out and infuse stories about Gen-X’ers who are making it. I won’t be looking for the Sergey Brins, Sheryl Sandbergs or Elon Musks who are already famous and standing at the pinnacle of the planet. I’ll be looking for less lauded, but equally valuable contributors to the world’s team.

My inspiration for changing tack is the phenomenally positive and thoughtful, Gretchen Rubin, who earned her fame with The Happiness Project.

I encourage you to read Gretchen’s bio and see how this Gen-X’er is making her mark by deliberately and methodically seeking to be happy – and sharing her experiences with the rest of us. #GenerationXintheSpotlight




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