How to Love an Author

I recently discovered an indie author whose stories and characters resonate so completely with my taste in books that I can hardly keep my mouth shut about her. I’ve been bouncing around the house expounding on the virtues of her plot advancement technique, taut description style, satisfying character fleshing and even her marketing brilliance. I’ve texted friends about her and talked about her at work. I’ve even tweeted my admiration to the author herself — more than once (which is probably too much) — and, of course, I’ve been eagerly buying up everything she writes.

I’ve been so exuberant I’m starting to feel a little weird about it.

So…how do you demonstrate excitement over a book or series without bouncing around like Tigger on speed, making your family think you’re crazy and the author think you’re a stalker?

You write a glowing review.

Authors want to know their books are making an impact. More importantly, they want you to tell other people about their books so they can feel the impact, too (and, let’s face it, so they can sell more books). The most efficient way to do that is to write a public review on the bookseller’s site, right where the author’s potential customers can read it.

Reviews don’t have to be long or wordy or sound collegiate. They just need to be fair and honest without giving the plot twists or the ending away. (No, really: don’t give the ending away!) They should be timely, too. Don’t wait weeks or months to write something up. A lot of indie authors really need the boost reviews provide, especially when the book is new and the seller’s site is calculating metrics. Hundreds of indie books are published every week on Amazon alone. Without reviews, these books quickly drop off the “Hot New Releases” list and go straight to the bottom of a seemingly infinite black hole, rarely to be seen or heard from again. Book buyers are hesitant to hand their money over for books that haven’t been reviewed, so if you’re lucky enough to catch a diamond when it’s free, make sure to thank the author by letting future buyers know you liked it. Your opinion matters more than you think when it comes to book reviews. Probably more, in fact, than on regular product reviews.

So, the next time you open a book and find yourself immersed in a fabulous world of make believe or efficiently learning something new, be sure to show your appreciation for the author by writing up and posting a quick review.

The author will love you for it!



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